Here’s Why it Pays to Hire a Staffing Agency

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Whether large or small, any business or company can relate to the challenge of finding the right people for the right job. In other words, the struggle is real when it comes to posting job ads, screening candidates, interviewing, hiring, training, onboarding, and more. Phew! It’s a lot, isn’t it? So why not hire an expert to do the heavy lifting?

This is exactly where staffing agencies or temp agencies come into play, and they can be a strong asset for both job seekers and employers alike. In the case of employers, hiring a staffing agency can help businesses better manage the selection and recruitment process. This is especially helpful for businesses that may lack the resources, time, or even expertise necessary to effectively manage employment processes.

Regardless of industry or the type of employment needed, businesses can benefit from hiring a staffing agency in a number of ways. Here are just few:

Experience and expertise

Staffing companies possess a keen sense of both experience and expertise that is often greater than the average human resources department. In addition, their rates are typically more affordable than recruiters and employment specialists. The expertise of staffing agencies allows them to find and secure top talent for a number of different industries and employment fields. They have the necessary know-how to navigate the complexities of finding and retaining top talent while ensuring each placement is mutually beneficial.

Talent pool

Most employers do not have a large network or talent pool of qualified candidates. This can make finding the right candidate a long and ongoing process. On the other hand, staffing agencies have direct access to large network of top talent that are just ready and waiting to be placed in the right position. This can greatly expedite the candidate screening process and fill open positions quickly.

Return on investment

It often cost money to make it, and this is especially true when it comes to hiring and retaining the right candidates. A business with a high turnover rate is literally bleeding money. Choosing the wrong candidate can be costly, however businesses can avoid this by working with a staffing agency. And because staffing agencies oversee the employment process in their entirety, they also take on costs associated with pre-employment screening such as background checks, drug testing, and more.

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