Tracking Productivity In The Workplace

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Are you a business owner who wants to increase the productivity of your workforce? Perhaps you have several business locations and are noticing that one is consistently performing well below the others. Or maybe you have been hearing from your customers that the level of customer service has dropped over the last several months. Whatever your reasons may be, there are several workplace tools that you can implement to both increase productivity and customer service. One of those tools is a productivity time tracker. Below are some of the key benefits of this tool:

1. Engaged Employees – Studies show that over 72 percent of employees who are actively engaged believe that they can positively impact the customer service levels at their company. The issue with that, however, is that as of 2013 there were 70 percent of American employees who identified as disengaged at work. Every employee is unique, but there are motivators that speak to all of us. Some of those motivators are: compensation, encouragement, and even competition. Productivity tracking software gives a manager the ability to implement all three.

2. Accurate Client Billing – Another great benefit of using task tracking software or a productivity time tracker is that you can accurately bill your clients for the work being done on their accounts. For instance, if you bill a client hourly, then you can use this software to easily calculate how many hours have been worked on their issues even though it might have involved more than a dozen of your employees.

3. Ability to Locate Training Opportunities – It is a well known fact that it is cheaper to train an employee you already have rather than hire a new employee and fire the one that is struggling. That is because the average cost of replacing an employee making less than $50,000/year is around 20 percent of their salary. Using a productivity time tracker can show you, the manager, the weak spots in your office that might benefit from tailored training.

Tools like the productivity time tracker utilize the tools of project management which focus on structure, organization, and deadlines. The key to tools like these is simple: when you are tracking productivity and efficiency, you are more aware of what your business is doing well and what it ought to be doing better. When your focus is on these items, you are bound to make continuous process improvements that will lead you towards success.

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