Do You Have an Upcoming Building Project?

Residential building permit expediter

Have you ever felt as if you were running around in circles?
You start a day with a plan, but in spite of your best efforts, you do not seem to be making any progress. If you are in the process of working with contractors to build a new home or office building, the process can be especially frustrating. Between getting the right permits and making sure that the work gets done, in fact, the building process can really seem like it is going in circles. Finding a commercial or residential building permit expediter, however, can make many thinks more manageable. The process of cutting through the red tape, for instance, can seem much easier to handle if you have someone who can help you navigate what would otherwise be a difficult situation.
What Is a Permit Expeditor for Residential Real Estate?
Residential building contractors are often working on more than one project at a time. At times, it can seem that it is difficult to get the contractor to focus on the projects on your property. The fact that you have a contract expeditor working on your side, though, can help you make sure that the necessary paperwork is in place so that the job will not be delayed any more than necessary. The charge for securing contractor permits can ranges from $200 to $400; for filing a project, however, the price can range from $1,500 to $3,500. Having a knowledgable contract expeditor on your side can mean that the permit money is well spent and will not slow down the building project.
What Is a Permit Expeditor for Commercial Real Estate?
Commercial building processes can be even more complicated than residential jobs. Between zoning permits and the required electrical and plumbing licenses, a contract expeditor can help you make sure that the projects you are working on get completed by the necessary deadlines. Both large and small commercial building projects require many of the same kinds of paperwork, so it is important to work with someone who understands all of the necessary processes. A commercial permit can cost less than $100 or as much as $1,000 or more, depending on the locality and the size, scope, value, and type of work that needs to be completed.

Making sure that you are able to get the permits that you need to that your construction project can be completed on time is an important step in projects of all sizes.
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