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Some people spring clean for organization and to complete annual cleaning tasks. Others spring clean to make the necessary home repairs that often get put off for many months. Having a purpose or goal to your spring cleaning will help to motivate you to complete the tasks. Otherwise, it can be difficult to find the energy and time that is required for a full home spring cleanup project. Spring cleaning for a cause can also be helpful in encouraging the entire family. This spring, consider cleaning for a charitable donation. Spring cleaning with a purpose to donate clothes and other household items will provide you and your family with many benefits.

Helping out the community

Your clothing drop off helps out local charities in a variety of ways. It gives them the resources needed to help those who do not have access to warm clothing that fits them. It also allows the gently used clothing items to be sold for additional funding, for other areas of need. A few of these things include medical care, shelter, job training skills, and disaster recovery. Finally, your clothing drop off keep things like clothing items and household items from filling up landfills. Americans currently send 10.5 billion tons of clothing to landfills every year.

Fresher home

Spring cleaning is meant to freshen your home, in preparation for the new and fresh weather that is coming. The windows and doors may be coated with dust. As the weather warms up, you will be opening the windows more. It is the perfect time to wash and clean all windows and exterior structures. Even deep cleaning your bathroom and kitchen can leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable. It can also help with keeping up with regular cleaning tasks.

Better organization

Organization helps things run smoothly. If you have a large family that counts on you to keep things organized, spring cleaning can be a great way to do that. Encourage all family members to go through their own bedrooms and closets and remove items they no longer wear or want. Do not throw anything away. Almost 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled, regardless of quality or condition. Your clothing drop off does not need to be sorted before donating. The increased room in the bedrooms and closets will provide you with more room to stock with spring and summer clothing items.

Tax liability deductions

Spring is also tax season. You may be surprised to learn that donating money or items throughout the year can actually reduce your tax liability. The money that is donated is not taxed and comes off of your overall liability amount. If you donate via a clothing drop off, be sure that you are dropping off at an approved center. If you arrange a clothing donation by charity clothing pick up, make sure you request a tax form. In most cases, you are responsible for estimating the worth of your clothing or donated items.

Share your spring cleaning project with friends

Social media is all about sharing your daily activities and moods. Make a positive impact by sharing your spring cleaning project via social media. Not only are you updating your family and friends on your activities, but you are also encouraging others to spring clean for charity, as well. The majority (70%) of social media users would take some kind of action in response to a friend posting a story on social media about making a charitable donation. In fact, many charities rely on your social media sharing for charitable awareness.

Spring has been the most popular cleaning season for years. Homeowners are stuck indoors for months, avoiding colder weather. You may go months without spending time outdoors! As you prepare for spring cleaning season this year, choose to spring clean for a purpose. Spring cleaning with the intent of providing charitable donations does good for your community, reduces your tax liabilities, gives you a refreshed household, and better organizes your families everyday life.

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