6 Locales That Constantly Need Commercial Cleaning Services

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It is important that our environment stays clean and healthy. Working in a dirty environment can actually lead to a decrease in profits. This is because workers call in sick and then that empty vacuum of work starts to seep into our pockets. In fact, we even start to pay up front for this loss of hands. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that we know the different kinds of offices and buildings that can utilize the many types of commercial cleaning services.

  1. Offices
    The most obvious place for these types of commercial cleaning services are offices. 71% of workers said they think a dirty work space led to them getting sick. When we think of “dirty spaces” we think of the type that are seen on extreme reality shows that look like they stink. That said, offices can unknowingly have hundreds of bacteria in them. Just think of the invisible bacteria at the typical keyboard, mouse, and chair desk. In fact, the average desks has over 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet. With that in mind, we must keep our offices clean.
  2. Schools
    Let’s face it, kids are dirty. Whether you work at a day care, a grade school, or one for higher learning, there are students there who will pollute the place with germs. Then, when you add on the idea of lunch times, locker rooms and shower rooms, public bathrooms, close quarter classrooms and more, you start to feel the danger of health in schools.

    Having janitorial staff show up after hours to clean up the desks and bathrooms is a blessing. In fact, most of these services will start work later in the night when no one is around. Without them, most schools would never make it past flu season alone.
  3. Churches
    Next in the different types of commercial cleaning services, there are churches. Imagine the moment when the collection plate is being passed around. If the church doesn’t have people holding the basket as they go around the church, chances are high it’s being passed from person to person. This is just one of the germ infested incidents that can happen in a church. Other instances are potlucks, holding hands during prayer, the germs on pews, and so on. Having a cleaning service take care of the building can prevent you and the other members from getting sick.
  4. Auto Dealership
    But perhaps your business isn’t just an office. Perhaps you actively engage with customers on a daily basis such as in a car dealership. You don’t want your office to business to look messy and potentially lose a sale because of it. In a place where sale numbers are key, you must prevent anything that can get in the way of that. You also don’t want your customers to spread illness to you and your employees. Having a regular office cleaning service can help solve these issues.
  5. Restaurants
    The same could be said for businesses that don’t involve a typical office setting. Say perhaps you work a restaurant. The need for cleanliness is even more important here for obvious reasons. You must ensure that the cooking space is clean and spotless. Otherwise, you may find that your customers/employees will get upset or sick. Also, you could risk facing charges, lawsuits, a loss in customers, and worse of all a revocation of your license to sell food.
  6. Fitness Centers
    The loss of license and money is also something to worry about with fitness centers. At these centers employers must hire staff to clean or hire a professional cleaning service. All of the sweating customers creates a messy environment, so constant cleaning is a must. In fact, around 88% of adults say that they never go to a gym to exercise if they think that gym is dirty. So, if you run a fitness center and want to keep your license and money, you need to make sure there are people cleaning your building.

There are many different types of commercial cleaning services and locations/businesses that need to hire such services. It’s important to know if you are running such a business so you can find a service that will keep your working environment clean, safe, and healthy. You, your employees, and your business deserve no less.

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