Why Green Cleaning Services Can Protect You Like Others Can’t

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We live in a world surrounded by germs and bacteria. It is unavoidable.

In offices, people are surrounded by each other everyday, leading to a high risk of spreading germs. In fact, as many as 71% of workers are under the impression that dirty office spaces have been the cause of their illnesses in the past.

Similarly, schools are breeding grounds for bacteria, with runny noses and toys being constantly passed back and forth. And because many children ignore at least some hygienic practices, schools can sometimes be a ticking time bomb.

This is why commercial office cleaning services and school cleaning services are so important. They allow people to move on with their days with far less risk of contracting an illness.

However, what if the cleaning supplies being used is doing more harm than good. This is the startling conclusion that many cleaning services are now coming to.

There are a total of 17,000 petrochemicals meant for cleaning that are available for home use only. Unfortunately, only about 30% of these have been tested for having negative effects on both human health, as well as the environment.

Thanks to these chemical-based cleaning products, the levels of pollution present in the indoor air of some places can be as much as a whopping 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution. With the current focus on climate change and harmful emissions entering the atmosphere, it?s a pretty scary thought that the polluted air outside may actually be safer choice.

In an attempt at reducing these dangers, green cleaning services are becoming a popular option for many commercial spaces.

The components of the solution that green cleaning services use are all natural. And while they are still able to effectively clear large amounts of harmful germs and bacteria, they are not hazardous to humans.

As the environmental conservation movement continues to gain more traction, more green cleaning services will likely be established, and will develop other natural cleaning solutions. What is really worse, bacteria or synthetic chemicals?

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