Pharma Serialisation and How it’s Benefiting the Medical Industry

Pharmaceutical serialisation

The best medical packaging techniques used today are that of blister packaging, also known as pharma serialisation. There are over 2.5 billion doctor-ordered prescriptions a year and there are many dangers associated with improper tracking of those prescriptions. It has become imperative that proper tracking methods be implemented into the medical industry so every drug is accounted for. Here are some of the benefits of pharma serialisation:

  • Counterfeit Protection — Pharmaceutical counterfeiting has become a major problem for many years in the medical industry. The new technology involved and the methods of blister packaging successfully enables each product to stand out in their own way. It has become nearly impossible for prescription counterfeiters to actually duplicate any medicine because of serialisation.
  • Successful Tracking — Every new prescription will have an individual unique code printed on it so each container can be easily traced. This will avoid any confusion from wholesalers or pharmacies because they can just track each product back to the beginning. Tracking can be done by searching for the code of the individual product, serial number, expiration date, and batch code. From the initial stages of production to the final sale to the customer, pharma serialisation will provide proper tracking of each item.
  • Better PackagingBlister packaging uses PVC and foil combinations that are very strong so any product can remain durable in its packaging throughout the distribution process. The pocket made by a formable web also keeps the product much safer inside the packaging container.
  • Customization — There are several ways to customize the blister packaging as well. There are various container options that can be used: liquid pouches for packaging and distributing a specific amount of measured liquid medicine, bottles, containers, snap off and twist off seals, and any container can also be completed with child safety features so only adults will be able to access the medication. There are various color and style options available to packaging, too.

Blister packaging has been very successful so far in countries all over the world, and is currently the most consistently used method of medical serialisation in the United States. There is still a long way to go, but the medical industry looks to be right on track with successful prescription distribution.

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