Why Your Workers Are Safer Using an Industrial Floor Sweeper

Electric floor sweeper

All warehouses run according to three basic constraints: safety, cost-efficiency and productivity. It’s a common assumption that most warehouses can only afford to invest in any two out of three of these things at a given time.

Yet this belief is often a misconception that goes uncorrected ? and as a result, workers’ safety is too frequently put on the line. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of warehouse injuries involve well-trained personnel. Even scarier? About 98% of respondents at the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) show in Baltimore said they have observed workers not wearing safety gear when they ougth to have been.

What can warehouse managers and owners do about this problem? One of the most overlooked ways to improve a warehouse’s safety and productivity without sacrificing too much money is the industrial floor sweeper. These scrubbers save countless work hours and are one of the best ways to help prevent slips, trips and falls in your warehouse space.

So whether your warehouse chooses to invest in used floor sweepers or brand new floor scrubbers, the evidence of their safety benefits for workers has been well documented. Here’s a look at the top three safety advantages of bringing floor scrubbing equipment into your workplace:

Reduced trip hazards

Did you know that slips, trips and falls lead to a stunning 95 million lost days of work each year? That’s a huge economic cost, both to individual enterprises and to the overall industry in which you work. That’s not to mention the liability your company will face in the event of a worker injury. New and used floor sweepers alike are one of the most efficient ways to eliminated trip hazards in the warehouse, keeping debris and rubbish out of walkways much more effectively than manual sweeping.

Less overworked employees

Imagine the size of an average warehouse ? and all the floor space that exists inside it. Now imagine the idea of having to effectively clean that space. When workers are told to manually sweep a warehouse floor, they’re more likely to be exasperated at such a large task than anything. Yet when workplaces invest in equipment that cuts down on the time needed to perform such a task, it’s much easier to keep workers’ health and morale high.

Health benefits for your workers

Sweeping the floors manually is one of the most common causes behind back-related injuries among warehouse personnel. The posture many workers take while manually sweeping is poor for one’s back ? and the time required to train workers in proper posture techniques can be costly. By investing in a new or used floor sweeper, warehouses can avoid these injuries altogether, keeping workers healthier and more productive.

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