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Charities for wounded soldiers

There are certain times of year when many people will turn their thoughts to charity. The busyness of daily life captures people’s attention with a bull dog grip. At holiday time, especially, thoughts will turn to those less fortunate, who may not have decent clothing or a warm coat, or who may not have enough to feed their families. Many companies and organizations will create a holiday coat drive or food pantry. Approximately 47% of people say that they typically give more during holiday time than they do during the rest of the year.

However, charities exist and accept donations all year through. Used clothing donations are collected twelve months a year, as are food donations and household donations. Although there are many worthwhile charities, it is sometimes difficult to decide what are the best charities to donate to. No one charity is deemed better or more worthy than another. The long and the short of any charity is the fact that people are in need, whoever they are.

Because no one person or family can give to every single charity, most people will choose a charity that is their favorite, and this will be the recipient of their giving. Sometimes the charity of choice is something that is close to a person’s heart because of a family member or friend. One type of charity that many people easily identify with are wounded veterans charities. Donations to veterans are always needed and, in some instances, the organization will pick up the donations right at home.

An interesting fact is that 45% of clothing that has been recycled becomes second hand clothing that someone else can wear. Disabled veterans who are not able to work because of their disability are often given second hand clothing which has been examined to be sure it is in good shape. Wounded veterans charities do their best to take good care of veterans who are in need.

Whether giving to wounded veterans charities or any of the many worthwhile charity organizations that there are, an important fact to know is that many items donated can be claimed by the donor at tax time. Giving away a gently used men’s suit or coat can be worth a tax write off of $60. Anyone making a donation worth $250 or more, whether monetary, or in the form of clothing, household items, or other, will need to have a receipt in order to receive a tax write off.

Here are some types of charities available to receive donations any time of the year. In addition to wounded veterans charities, there are charities to which household items such as small kitchen appliances and furniture can be donated, there are organizations that collect for children in need of clothing, and organizations committed to helping military families. These are just a small number of many. In addition to charities here in the United States, there are developing nations to which U.S. textiles are donated, sometimes fixed up, and sold to underprivileged people of those countries for a fraction of what they cost when they were new.

The average person in the United States will typically throw away a good 70 pounds of clothing and household items every year. Many of those items are often things that still have plenty of life in them and could continue to be worn or used for years to come. On the average, as compared to 20 years ago, Americans now buy twice as much clothing, which would mean that the amount of clothing disposed of has greatly increased with time as well.

Charitable organizations have made it simple for people to donate clothes and shoes by placing drop boxes in various locations throughout local towns and cities. They are labeled, brightly colored, and easy to find. Organization members will collect the items, examine them, and will provide them to people in need. Giving to local charitable organizations is a way that has been provided so that the less fortunate will be cared for. The reasons for a person’s misfortune is not always evident or necessary for others to know. The truth is that there are people in need, and others who should be sharing their wealth. No one should be homeless or hungry.

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