How Clean is Your Drinking Water Source?

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A lot of households have hard water or minimal amounts of harmful contaminants in their water source. Many of these households do not even realize it. They may notice funny tastes, off colored water, and minor medical concerns, all things that can be related to hard water. Water filtration systems can be helpful in softening the water, but can be difficult to purchase if you do not even realize that you have a water problem. Pay attention to the following concerns to establish the quality of your water source.

Discolored faucets and tiling An excess of hard water or other contaminants can actually damage your sink and faucets. Too much hard water can eat away at these metals. Although most households do not have high enough amounts of hard water to notice these changes, you may notice slight discoloration of your faucets and nearby tiling. There are over 2,100 known drinking water contaminants that may be present in tap water in any given region. Be sure to look for any abnormalities or differences in your water source.

An off taste to your water Water with excess amounts of contaminants are likely to taste a little off. If you notice any different taste to your water, consider having it tested. Do not assume that because your water comes from a city source that it is fine. The majority of Americans (almost 300 million people) get their tap water from public water systems. The other 15% receive water from private water systems not subject to government regulation. If you are a part of that other percentage, you may need a water treatment process for a healthier water source.

Health conditions Poor water quality can actually lead to some medical concerns. Excess amounts of lead in the water can cause developmental disabilities in young children. It can also affect a pregnant woman. Many cities are beginning to test for lead levels in young children because too many public water sources have high amounts of lead. It is even possible that your home, if built many years ago, is providing water through lead piping.

Some old water pipes still contain lead, which is a poisonous metal when consumed. Each year, 480,000 children develop learning disabilities due to lead exposure. More and more cities are being accused of providing lead filled water sources to their residents. It can be beneficial to test your own water for excessive lead amounts. Water filtration systems may help with other contaminants in your water source, but are often not strong enough to prevent the damages done from excess lead.

Poor water testing results Sometimes it is beneficial to have a routine water quality test completed. It is best to understand what is in your water, before you notice any potential side effects. That way, if your water source is high in contaminants, you can consider having water filtration systems installed. The best water systems act as water management systems and filter out any negative water ingredients. In fact, most water filtration systems companies will provide you with a free home testing kit to better calculate your water filtering needs.

Water is a necessary resource. Without water, we would be dehydrated and feel fatigued. People who consume water that comes from contaminated sources are likely to develop medical problems, along with developmental disabilities. Homes that are equipped with lead water pipes can be especially dangerous. Water filtration systems can filter out any negative contaminants in a water source, only if the homeowner is aware of them. Consider testing your water for optimal drinking water health. Prevent any medical side effects of poor water sources before they affect you.

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