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How often do you donate or recycle your used clothing? In the United States, it’s been found that only 15% of Americans make used clothing donations. Furthermore, when you consider that on average, Americans purchase at least two-times the amount of new clothes as they did 20 years ago, there is an increased need for making local clothing donations to reputable charities.

While the reasons for not making charitable clothing donations aren’t totally clear, wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in this country made the effort to donate their used items to charities? When making clothing and household item donation, reputable charities such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart are able to provide much-needed assistance to military families.

The value of charitable donations to military families is immense. Organizations like The Military Order of the Purple Heart are helping military families with a variety of necessary services. These non-profit organizations also assist the blind and other families in need.

Were you aware that when you make donations of clothing, that 45% of it can still be worn? When you are searching for where to donate household items such as linens, drapes, and of course, clothes, GreenDrop has free-standing locations as well as mobile trailers that can accept these donations on behalf of The Military Order of the Purple Hearth.

The best charities to donate to are those which provide direct services to those in need. Furthermore, while you may choose to be helping military families because you want to show your support, you also want to make sure that the charity has tax-exempt status.

When you make clothing or household item donations that have a $250 value or more, you will need to provide a receipt from the charitable organization to write this off on your taxes.

When you have your donation bags or boxes ready, GreenDrop now has approximately 30 free-standing locations and mobile trailers. You can contact them to have your items picked up or take them to one of GreenDrop’s locations.

It’s a well-known fact that social media plays a large part in spreading positive information. This is also the case when showing support to organizations helping military families. Approximately 70% of the people that donate, or spread the word further, do so after reading a story posted by a friend or family member.

While you’re collecting items to donate, be sure to post that you’re doing so on social media. In this way, perhaps, more and more people will be inspired to make charitable donations, and that 15% will increase exponentially.

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