Get the Most from Your Packaging with These 7 Tips

Household packaging

Are you looking to wow customers with your packaging? You can. By using the right custom product packaging and manufacturing plastic closures you can make your product stand out. Here are some ways to do that.

  1. Get the product packaging manufacturers involved early. If you have a product that will be packaged in plastic and it will require manufacturing plastic closures, you want to have the company that will do that for you on board early in your product development process. They may have ideas that can help and they may be able to spot trouble areas before you do. Many companies do not bring on packaging experts until late in the game and then they are limited in how they can help you. To get the most of their experience and expertise, you want to bring them on early.
  2. Simplicity is your friend. You do not need your plastic packaging to have a lot of bells and whistles for it to serve both as an effective way to get your product to the stores safely and be an effective marketing tool without being over the top. When you are talking to companies about manufacturing plastic closures or custom food packaging, you want the packaging to do its job and nothing else.
  3. Never lose sight of branding. Everything you put out needs to reinforce your brand. When you are developing your packaging, never lose sight of the needs of your customer base. You may be looking to expand that base but you should never forget who your loyal customers are. Get feedback from your customers to see what kind of manufacturing plastic closures they need and what kind of food packaging works for them. If they have small children, pouches might be easier than some other kinds of packaging.
  4. How do you plan to sell your product? Will it be on a store shelf next to a bevy of other products? Are you selling it online? If you are selling it in stores, you want it to stand out among all of the other similar products. When people are not able to touch a product, your visuals will have to be really special. Where and how you will sell your product may have an impact on the kind of packaging you use.
  5. Use the right font. You can get a lot of information onto your packaging but none of it will matter if people cannot read it. Use simple fonts and colors. Your target audience should be the deciding factor in what font and what colors you use. The color of the text needs to work well with your background. Part of this decision making process should also include the paring down of the text you put on your your products. Here, less really is more. You do not need to put everything that has ever been thought of your product on the packaging.
  6. Be environmentally friendly. More and more consumers are looking for products that have green packaging. The very good news for plastic packaging is that it is recyclable and that is an important part of the process. When you are manufacturing plastic closures or using custom plastic packaging, you are creating product packaging that is very friendly for the environment. Using these kinds of packaging can really boost sales and improve your brand identity. When people equate you with environmentally friendly options, it is a win-win.
  7. Make sure your packaging keeps your product safe. The main purpose of all packaging is to get your product from the warehouse to the store in one piece. If your product is not in good shape in the store, you will have a problem. For example, if you sell a food product that spoils before it reaches the shelf, that is bad. So, when you are designing your custom packaging and working with a company on manufacturing plastic closures, they need to be air tight and keep your product from going bad. No packaging can be considered at all successful if it cannot fulfill this basic function.

The right packaging can make a big impact and help your product stand out. It can also be instrumental in increasing brand awareness and encouraging customer loyalty.

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