How Small Business Can Compete

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Affordable advertising is vital to the success of small and medium businesses. In an increasingly competitive world, the need to reach current and potential customers where they are whenever you can is crucial. More than three-quarters (76%) of small businesses recognize that a combination of both print and digital communication is ideal for a marketing strategy to reach their consumers.

While digital is increasingly gaining ground, traditional forms of media such as banner printing and other outdoor advertising still have significant impact and, when, combined with targeted digital marketing, can have an even greater impact. Digital printing means that such banners and other high-quality graphic printing large format options are great quality while still being affordable. In fact, outdoor signs and related outdoor advertising is very cost effective, being less expensive than television advertising by 80%, beating out newspaper ads by 60%, and radio advertisements by half. In addition to banner printing, car wraps, a format that sees your vehicles come a moving billboard, are also popular with almost half of all consumers surveyed saying that it is the most unique advertising medium available. since car wraps are always on the go, you can extend the reach of your advertising significantly.

Small businesses should also consider investing in promotional items such as promotional calendars, which one study found consumers keep for the whole year. This means your name and logo are clearly visible year-round in a customer’s home, thus emphasizing top-of-mind awareness. Promotional gifts also work week in terms of name and logo retention and recognition, with almost 85% of Americans indicating that they remember companies from promotional gifts.

By investing in banner printing, outdoor advertising, and other promotional items that can keep your name and products front of mind with potential customers, small businesses can compete with larger companies with bigger budgets. Digital advertising through, for example, social media can complement this type of advertising and reach a bigger audience with your message. You can even combine print promotional material with digital through augmented reality options. The simplest of these are QR codes, but there is a range of other options that can unite your print and digital offerings in unique and exciting ways. Digital marketing and digital printing services companies can advise you on how best to integrate the two.

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