Grow Your Business With Creative Car Wraps!

Using wraps for marketing

Are you the owner of a California business or manager of a marketing department looking for new and unique ways to advertise? Maybe you feel like you aren’t reaching as many potential customers as you could with your current methods or perhaps you just want to enhance your marketing game before summer comes along. Whatever you reasoning may be, you might be interested in custom car wraps. In California especially, think of how much time people spend on the roads every single day. Now think about how many of those people could potentially see your car wrap marketing. Not only will you improve your business’s name recognition, but in the long run you have the potential to see a huge increase in your overall revenue. Here’s a bit more info about how Los Angeles, San Diego, and Costa Mesa car wraps can work for you:

1. Business Benefits – Because car wraps typically get viewed between 30,000 and 70,000 times a day, some businesses have seen an increased customer influx of up to a shocking 107%. Marketing with vehicle wraps is simple, cost efficient, and pays for itself as you can see. By just adding custom vehicle wraps to one or two of the vehicles in your fleet that gets driven the most, you will begin to see more customers contacting you or walking in your door. What’s not to love about that?

2. The Numbers – So, how many folks will actually see your Los Angeles, San Diego, and Costa Mesa car wraps? Studies show your car wraps will be viewed up to 70,000 times a day and that over 90% of your intended audience will respond to the advertisement. In California especially, car wraps are key to reaching not only other drivers, but pedestrians as well. In fact, pedestrians are a great advertising opportunity for all sorts of mobile advertisements.

3. Common Questions – So, you are ready to contact someone about having a custom car wrap installed, now what? Many companies recommend purchasing a warranty on your vehicle wrap so that you are covered if any damage occurs while your vehicle is being driven from point A to B. Another common question surrounding car wraps is “how will I know if it will look good?” The truth is, the precise way that high quality vehicle wraps are applied is so accurate that they are often mistaken for a paint job. Maybe you’ve thought that yourself after seeing one on the road.

Whether you are interested in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Costa Mesa car wraps you can rest assured that you will be happy with the results. Not only will you see business benefits in the form of increased customer traffic and revenue stream, but you will be satisfied of the number of people you are reaching on a daily basis. There’s a reason that custom car wrapping is becoming such a popular marketing tool. It works in big ways!

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