4 Symptoms of Sewer Damage You Didn’t Know About

Camera drain inspection

When we encounter leaks and clogged drains and water back up and problems of this time, it’s easy to diagnose that we have a sewer problem. It’s a hassle and it’s annoying to deal with, but at least you know what it is. However, many times, we have things that happen in our homes and we can not figure out why they are happening. Many times, we use all the wrong methods trying to get rid of the problem when there is a deeper issue afoot. Let’s take a closer look at sewer problems in this article and make sure you are not misdiagnosing your problems. Here are just a few symptoms of sewer or drainage problems that you did not know were related to that:

  1. Mold
    Recently I stepped into my shower only to find the floor covered in mold. Well, covered may be an exaggeration but there were definite signs of new mold. After scrubbing and cleaning and doing everything to get rid of the mold, I turned on the shower to rinse the (organic) cleaners down the drain; only to see it wasn’t draining. You may have a blockage in your sewers if your showers aren’t draining. We know that, right? However, mold is a big sign of a blockage. When water takes a long time to drain it can begin to grow mold in the areas that were moist for to long. This doesn’t even require standing water. My shower floor was dry. However, there had been water in it for to long and caused mold to build up overnight. Sewer repairs might be in sight if you are finding that mold is beginning to collect in your bathroom or laundry room or kitchen where moisture mostly is. Even slight moisture that does not belong can encourage mold and mildew to begin to grow.

  2. Fruit Flies
    Ever had a problem with fruit flies in your kitchen? Maybe you thought it was simply because you weren’t washing your dishes enough or taking out the trash daily or even covering your fruit. While all of these components will attract regular flies and critters, fruit flies are in fact attracted to sewers, disgustingly enough. The pipe under the sink that is in the shape of a U is called the P-trap. If there is a crack or leak somewhere around here, fruit flies that are in the pipes and sewers can get out and come into the house. Now, one or two fruit flies can come in through open windows and doors but an infestation probably indicates a bigger issue in your sewers.

  3. Odor
    This is similar to the fruit flies conundrum. If there are leaks and cracks in your pipes, smells from blocked sewers can permeate the house making your drains and areas near sinks and showers and bathtubs give off a foul odor. Unless you stick your nose right in to the drain, you shouldn’t be able to smell an offensive smell but if your drains are giving off bad odors when you are a few feet away from them, it’s time to have your sewers checked for blockages and problems. If may sound like a big job, but camera drain inspection can be used to check your drains without to much hassle.

  4. Flaking
    White and gray crusts or flakes on your walls could mean signs of efflorescence. These are the mineral deposits that water leaves behind when it evaporates. Or your walls could be flaking off in big chunks, something known as spalling. If the efflorescence seems to be gathered in one area, it could indicate where the leak in your pipes is, however if it seems sporadic, then the problem may be somewhere else but is causing moisture to build up in that room. If the spalling is more than half an inch thick, this could indication sewer damage that could be compromising the integrity of the foundation of your home and need to be seen to immediately.

Having your pipes checked is not a big deal. You can use the camera drain inspection, as mentioned above and even if you do need repairs, trenchless methods can be used in order to save your home’s foundation and even the landscape and street surrounding the area.

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