Three Ways You Can Prevent Indoor Fires from Damaging Your Property

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In 2014, there were 1,298,000 fires reported in the United States. Of those, nearly 500,000 were structure fires in offices and other commercial buildings. If you’re worried about a fire occurring in your office space, there are a few helpful steps you can take to prepare and prevent fires from happening.

Have a plan of action

In a survey of over 119 businesses, only 35% had any sort of evacuation plan in the case of a fire. Preparing an evacuation plan is actually quite simple. You need to make an exit route clearly visible, as well as pick a spot to meet that is a safe distance from the building. OSHA standards require that you have a clear chain of command, as well as a list of exits and conditions under which evacuation would be necessary. Once you have an evacuation plan, it’s incredibly important that you make sure every employee is aware of these procedures and can follow them without issue.

Inspect regularly

According to new NFPA codes, facilities with telecommunication equipment in an area above 2,500 square feet require Very Early Warning Fire Detection (VEWFD) detection systems to be used. Not only are these systems expensive, but they must be maintained. Similarly, traditional sprinkler systems need to be regularly inspected to ensure that they work properly. The NFPA has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a building where the commercial fire sprinkler system was operating correctly. Properly inspected and calibrated fire protection systems can save lives, especially in the instance of a fire.

Pay attention No matter the space, you should always pay attention when cooking or handling electronics. Regular inspection of electrical cords and outlets can ensure that everything is in tact and not at risk of causing an electrical fire. In addition, any candles or cooking should be paid extremely close attention to. One moment away from a stove can result in a grease fire!

Protecting your office space is as simple as these three steps, but it’s also important to continually teach and remind employees and coworkers of the importance of fire safety. In addition, reminding everyone of the evacuation plan frequently can help promote and ensure safety in the event of a fire.

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