3 Reasons to Call a Sprinkler Repair Company

If you manage a hotel, it’s important to keep customers and employees properly protected. While you likely employ security measures throughout your facilities, it’s important to remain aware of your fire sprinklers. Hotels have sprinklers located in guests rooms, hallways, and other areas. Statistics show that fires in hotels and motels fires cause nearly 15 deaths annually. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that fire sprinklers remain in optimal condition. Considering that, here are three reasons to contact a service offering fire sprinkler repairs.

  • Sprinklers Receive Direct Damage

    Statistics show that hotel and motel fires result in an estimated $76 million in regards to property loss. You can minimize these costs by ensuring you contact fire sprinkler services if these devices become damaged. This type of damage can occur from ladders, large pieces of equipment, and other accidents. If this happens, your sprinkler might be ineffective which isn’t a risk you want to take.
  • System Freezes

    Fire sprinkler maintenance services are often called upon when these systems freeze. It’s important to monitor these systems at all time, especially during the colder months of the year. Freezing sprinkler systems can create a lot of hassle for any hotel or motel. Therefore, it’s best to contact a sprinkler repair company at the first sign of a freeze.
  • Leaking Sprinklers

    Another reason to need fire sprinkler repairs is if your system is leaking. While it’s important to avoid blocked or damaged sprinklers, leaks are another major problem. Sprinklers that continually leak create an array of problems including wet floors, mold, and mildew. However, ensuring your sprinklers receive maintenance work helps to avoid the possibility of leaks occurring.

In closing, there are several ways that sprinkler systems can receive damage. During these events, it’s important to contact services offering fire sprinkler repairs. One study from the National Fire Protection Association found that there were no records of a fire killing over two people as long as a completely sprinklered building had a system that was in proper working condition. Contacting a fire sprinkler maintenance company can help ensure that many of your potential system issues are taken care of. In turn, this ensures that your hotel or motel has a reliable and trustworthy service to contact in the event that future sprinkler system problems occur.

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