How to Work Outside Safely During the Summer Months

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With summer approaching, it’s tantamount that you start thinking about how the scorching weather can pose health risks — especially to construction workers. Since these workers spend all day working under the blazing sun, it’s essential to keep in mind some important safety tips and tricks that will get them safely through the summer months:

Stay hydrated
Water should be easily accessible at all times. In the heat, you should drink a glass of water every 15 minutes. Heat stroke is a very real possibility when working under such conditions, and water will give you the hydration you need to get through your day. Stay away from energy drinks or sugary sodas. Instead, lean towards electrolyte replacement beverages like Gatorade. And be sure that your drinks are cool in order to keep your system cool.

Eat for Energy
Avoid high fat or greasy foods. During the hottest hours,m eat a light meal. Be sure to keep snacking on high carbohydrate meals throughout the day. Having a light lunch and small snacks will help to minimize afternoon fatigue.

Sleep well
In order to prevent drowsiness and accidents, get at least 8 hours of sleep every evening. During the summer, it is harder to achieve REM as the weather is extremely hot. Make it as easy as possible by sleeping in a cool, dark room.

Prepare to be Safe
Empower yourself by educating yourself as much as humanly possible in the field of construction. That being said, get the necessary crane training, material handling certification, fall protection courses and other necessary qualifications to be the best worker possible. Paired with rigging equipment and other fall protection measures, you’ll be ready for whatever happens.

Construction is a wonderful and noble profession. It is possible to do the job safely if prepared for the elements and for the job at hand. Just be sure to invest in crane training, fall protection, and the like!

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