How the Cremation Process Actually Goes Down

The technique of cremation uses high heat to reduce a deceased person’s body parts to ashes. A single deceased person is placed in a specially constructed cremation chamber where they are subjected to extreme heat for around two hours.

Small fragments of bone that are left behind after cremation are removed from the cremator, cooled, and then put in a machine that turns them into ashes. The ashes that are placed in a container are these. The family has the option of receiving the deceased person’s ashes following the cremation.

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Cremation professionals handle the process. At the crematorium, mourners can gather outside while waiting for the hearse to arrive or they can sit in the chapel while the coffin is being brought in. It’s possible to arrive at the location with the coffin before the mourners do. It’s then put on a catafalque, a platform that is often elevated, ornamented, and visible to all.

Prior to the cremation, a funeral service usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. The cremation process occurs outside of the service. Therefore, it’s crucial that visitors arrive on time.

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