Tips for Packaging Your Consultation Service

Consultancy services help companies eliminate bottlenecks to growth. Many small businesses are afraid to hire consultants due to cost and the likelihood of poor delivery. The video shows consultants how they can create a custom consultation service for potential clients. The essential step in packaging a consultancy is understanding your customer’s problem and finding a solution.

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One of the reasons many companies do not buy consultancy services is the technical jargon. Consultants give too much information to potential clients with language that is difficult to understand. Instead, they should use simple language that is easy for their potential clients to understand. They can present previous jobs they have worked on that solve similar problems.

Provide solutions to potential clients. You must understand the problems your clients are facing. It makes it easy to offer a solution and for them to accept the offer to solve it. Explain the deliverable of the service and how it may benefit their company.

Finally, offer an acceptable price for the consultancy. Split up the service offering to provide solutions at different prices. Charge a premium after the client has proof that you can solve their problem.

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