5 of the Best Paying Trucking Jobs

There are many high-paying trucking jobs, as seen in this video. Truck driving careers vary based on a driver’s experience, type of equipment, and region. Trucking driving careers typically start drivers around $60,000 annually.

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Depending on their company, an experienced driver can earn up to $70,000. An owner-operator earns around $247,850. However, this is a general amount that doesn’t include a wide range of factors.

Ice road driving is one of the types of truck driving an individual can choose. They operate across the wilderness in northern Canada. These drivers risk their lives to move through dangerous road conditions and challenging terrain to deliver goods in remote towns.

Oversized loads are another type of truck driving that individuals can choose. These drivers must excel in maneuvering products like industrial machinery, mobile phones, wind turbines, or construction materials.

Specialty vehicle haulers move specialty or high-value vehicles like convertibles, collectibles, and luxury automobiles. Employees in this type of truck driving must exercise caution to deliver these high-value products safely.

Some core manufacturers or retailers have private fleet drivers to move goods from distribution factories or centers to their customers or holding stores. These drivers have shorter work weeks but earn an attractive salary and enjoy some of the best benefits packages in the industry.

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