Top Tips for DIY Banner Printing

A large banner complete with graphics is a great way to advertise your business and grab the attention of potential customers. Banner printing with an outside service can be expensive, so printing your banner in-house is a great way to reduce the cost and still enjoy the advertising benefits.

The first step of banner printing is to print the image on a durable, weather-resistant material complete with your business’s name and logo.

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Second, you will want to trim any excess material so the banner is the appropriate size and the image is neat and clean. The next step is to install grommets in each corner of the banner with a grommet press. These metal pieces will allow you to tie your banner onto displays with durable holes that will not tear with repeated use. When transporting your banner, it is a good idea to pack it in an air-tight, heat-resistant bag to protect it against any inclement weather or moisture.

A properly made banner is a wonderful way to spread the word about your business at market events and throughout your community. When created with care, it should last your business for many years.


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