Business Owners Guide to Avoiding Fire Safety Violations

As a business owner fire safety violations can get expensive and in the extreme can shut your business down until they are rectified. The video below shares the most common fire safety inspection violations. One of the key ways to avoid the costs and the penalties associated with fire safety is to have regular reliable fire inspections by a certified fire safety company.

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Some of the fire safety violations are surprising. For example, your exit light should have a fully functional battery backup system. You need to ensure that your exit lighting battery backup is working. Other safety violations are also disclosed like not having your fire suppression equipment regularly inspected.

Your sprinkler system should also be inspected once a year by a certified fire safety contractor. This video takes you along on an annual fire safety inspection and shows you every area that is checked. Fire safety should be a priority for every business owner and this video will help you to ensure that you are making it a priority. Of course, it will also help you to avoid those expensive safety violations. Watch now to make sure you’re addressing any possible concern that could lead to a fire safety violation.

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