What Are Directional Drilling Companies Drilling For?

Aaron Witt illustrates directional drilling and its significance in installing fiber optic cables to enhance internet connectivity. Directional drilling, also called horizontal directional drilling, is a technique the trenchless technology utilizes. Many directional drilling companies have undertaken directional drilling to install oil pipes, water lines, electric and fiber optic cables, sewerage pipelines, and natural gas pipelines.
Directional drilling companies prefer directional drilling as it is an easy process involving three stages.

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Stage one comprises the strategic invention of a pilot hole, and step two consists of the enlargement of the pilot hole in preparation for the novel line. The last phase consists of establishing and connecting the new cables.
Directional drilling is beneficial as it facilitates faster installation compared to trench digging. Digging damages the soil system and takes extra hours to revert the dug ground to its original state. Also, directional drilling companies prefer the HDD technique as it is low cost, involves less time, less machinery, and less dirt. Lastly, HDD is less disruptive, considering a hole is dug while other activities within an area continue.

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