The Range of Possibilities With Decal Printing Services

Also known as Decalcomania, decal symbolizes the printing of designs onto specially prepared papers forming a film that is transferable to any surface. Decal printing services are necessary to label or decorate objects that a press cannot brand.
Considerations about the color, resolution, and material type are made before requesting decal printing services.

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Specific kinds of adhesives work best on different surfaces. Also, various decal printing services are available today.

For starters, there is the Standard and High-end digital printing. Both are good for projects of up to 5,000 decals with the possibility of cutting into unique shapes. Processes could take about a week to complete, but the quality produced is well worth it.

When you need decal prints of over 10,000 pieces, rely on flexographic printing. With it, detailed patterns can be made on any material or surface, while extensive format decal printing services are used for billboard or vinyl-car wraps. The designs created are perfect for smaller projects or those with a quick turnaround.
If you are considering printing decals, contact us and allow our experts to help you decide.

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