What is a Ceiling Dome Kit?

If you are looking to add some character and design element to your office space, look no further than a ceiling dome kit. Ceiling dome kits require professional installation so you should always call a professional to get the best results. Keep reading to learn what a ceiling dom kit is and how it works.

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Let’s start with what a ceiling dome kit is. It is a kit of pieces you will need such as wood and sheetrock to create a domed effect on your ceiling.

To install a ceiling dome kit, first, the installer will pick the area for installation and do measurements. Once this is done, they install two large curved pieces of wood that form together to make a circle on the ceiling.

Next, they will install the curved braces that go in the middle of the circle for support. Once these are done, all smaller curved braces that create the dome effect are added.

Now that all the braces are installed, it is time for the sheetrock. The sheetrock is cut into triangular pieces which creates a dome once installed on the braces. Now you have a domed ceiling.

To learn more about how ceiling dome kits work, watch the video above!


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