What Do You Learn in Welding School?

Any professional welder has received some sort of training or welding school to be able to do what they do. But what is welding school? and what do they teach you? Keep reading to find out.

When you first walk into a welding school, you’ll see a bunch of welding machines. Each welding machine has eight different machines on it and you can adjust your amperage on each knob.

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To get material to work with, welding students can either grab metal from the trash or cut new metal outside to use. The first weld that welding schools teach is welding t-joints which makes a corner-shaped weld. After the weld is mastered horizontally, they then practice doing it vertically and then overhead.

Another machine used is a v-groove bevel machine. This machine has a torch on a track and is used for making bevels. Just like with t-joint welds, students will start flat, then verticle, then overhead.

Along with different types of welds, welding schools teach safety. Safety is the most important thing in any line of work, but this welding there are extra precautions you’ll need to take that they will teach you in welding school.

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