What Differentiates A Family Garage Door Repair Business

“We seek to develop a relationship and not just a business deal.” These words pretty much sum up. This family ran a garage door repair business. Door Tech seeks to offer quality products and services to homes in need of garage doors.

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Door Tech owes its success to a number of factors, one of them being the Boy Scouts of America. Dru, the family’s elder son, credits his values and leadership skills to the Boy Scouts, which he pursued to the highest level; the Eagle Scout. The other family members were also part of the scout movements of their days, and this allowed them to run the business in harmony. Dru had been selling popcorn to the former owner of the business since he was a kid. When he graduated and needed a job, he was hired right away.

Door Tech has also acquired the well-regarded BBB accreditation, issued to businesses that uphold respect, integrity, and flawless business ethics. This is essential in the garage door repair business since people have to trust you enough to let you into their homes. The older man draws immense satisfaction working alongside his sons, and together they ensure they meet the expectations of every family that needs a garage door.

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