Tips For Starting Out as a Truck Driver

Starting a new job is always a big transition, and starting a new job as a truck driver is no exception. Whether you are doing tons of heavy hauling, or starting out with simple routes, there are thousands and thousands of truckers out there willing to give you advice on quickly climbing up the ranks of trucking companies. While you may start out at a large company with not-so-hot pay, time, experience, and good advice will help you meet your goals in the industry.

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This video outlines a few must-know tips to get your started in the world of cross-country trucking.

When you choose a regional or over-the-road job, you will be out of your home for extended periods of time. Before you jump headfirst into the job, make sure that you can conform to the lifestyles changes it requires. It’s quite an antisocial job, and definitely isn’t for everybody. Additionally, truck drivers need to manage their finances if they want to earn a great living in the profession. If you step into the owner-operator world without knowing how to handle money, you won’t be able to sustain yourself on trucking alone.


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