How to Pick the Best Overhead Door for Your Building

Overhead doors are the preferred choice for building that house vehicles and equipment or even horse barns. Overhead doors afford a relatively tight seal against elements, are secured against theft and can get fit with electric openers.

Some people think overhead doors are far too expensive to consider, but this is not true. Overheads doors are often the same price or are less expensive than sliding doors.

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Which makes them a great investment.

When it comes to picking out what size door you need, there are a few things to consider. First, get your measuring tape and measure whatever it is you want to fit through the door. This could be a tractor, a car, a truck, or maybe even an RV. Remember to measure the side mirrors on vehicles as well as the height. When measuring the height, account for any bike racks, or ac units on top of an RV.

For most people who want to store a car, a nine-foot overhead door width is common. If you have a larger vehicle like a truck or large SUV, you may want to consider ten feet, RVs typically need 12 feet, and if you want to store two vehicles side by side, 16 or 18 feet is a good choice.

For more tips on picking the best overhead doors for your building, watch the video above!


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