How Does Fire Rated Glass Work?

Fire rated glass can mean fire protective and fire-resistant, but these two are not the same. When choosing windows for your home, office, or business, it is important to understand the difference between these types of glass so you can pick the best option for you. Keep reading to learn how fire rated glass works, and the difference between fire protective glass and fire-resistant glass.

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The main difference between fire protective glass and fire-resistant glass, is what it blocks. Fire protective glass only blocks smug and flames, not deadly heated, whereas fire-resistant glass blocks smoke, flames, and deadly radiant heat. It meets all requirements to protect property and people for up to two hours.

Glass-ceramic falls into the fire protective glass category. it looks similar to standard glass but does not have the same optimal clarity or colorations and it does not protect against radiant heat.

Specialty tempered glass is the only fire-protective glass that looks the same as standard glass. The difference is that specialty tempered glass can withstand extremely high temperatures, unlike standard glass.

To learn more about fire rated glass including fire protective glass and fire-resistant glass, watch the video above!


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