Tips for Marketing with Yard Signs

There are plenty of ways to generate exposure and leads for your business. If you want to know more about yard signs tips, read down below.

1. Using of Stops Signs and Traffic Lights

You have to think like a motorist and look for traffic patterns.

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Put your signs where vehicles are going to stop or slow down. That way, the driver has a moment to observe what you’re trying to do. It would also keep the yard signs in front of the traffic.

2. Balance Between Aggressiveness and Visibility

You will know if a campaign is successful if it is aggressive and find locations. You have to try not to draw negative attention. You never have to put yard signs at every single intersection and have them spaced out a little.

3. Watch Out for Other People’s Signs

If you see other yard signs from people, you have to be considerate and never block their signs.

4. Look for Unmaintained Property

Seek locations with vacant land, unmaintained grounds, and unused buildings. The less maintenance, the better, for it will decrease tampering with the signs.

5. Consider Places Outside City

There are lots of areas that are not incorporated by a certain city. A lot of times, a county is more lenient because of its misleading sign codes. If that’s the case, consider taking advantage.


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