What Are the Top Ten Biggest Shopping Malls Like?

When you think about your local shopping mall in 2021, you might think about store closures and an empty food court. Although malls in the United States have been in decline for the last decade, the same isn’t true for malls around the world.

Successful global shopping malls are more than just an assortment of shops and fast-food restaurants gathered into one building. To ensure their long-lasting success, mall planners knew they needed to encourage as many people as possible to continuously visit their malls.

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So, their designs included just about everything a person might turn to for outside entertainment, including movie theaters, car showrooms, hotels, museums, restaurants, theaters, and more.

The ten largest malls in the world are all located in far-away destinations like China, the Philippines, and Iran. These buildings are huge, ranging from 474,000 square meters to 1,950,000 square meters. The largest and most impressive mall is in Iran, and it includes three hotels, 700 shops, 12 cinemas, and several art galleries. It also contains an Iranian bazaar, a large hypermarket, a book garden, and a 12,000-seat theater.

If you miss the allure of a thriving mall, you might want to visit the largest malls in the world to find you’re missing from today’s world of online shopping.

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