Taking A Closer Look At The Many Benefits Of Working In A Soundproof Office Space

If you work somewhere here in the United States, it’s more likely than not that you work in an open office space. After all, more than 70% of all those who are considered to be knowledge workers currently work in office environments that include an open space floor plan. And there are certainly a number of benefits to working in such an environment.

For one thing, an open office space can help to promote how connected employees feel to one another – as well as to their work. In areas of the workforce that thrive on collaboration and creativity, such a workplace is like to be ideal and hugely beneficial to the vast majority of the employees working for such a company. In addition to this, employees are more likely to be able to seek answers to any of the problems that they might run into, easily solving the problem with the aide of at least one of the employees sitting around them. For many people, such an office environment can even make adjusting to a new job or role easier than ever before.

But there can certainly be detriments to working in such an office space as well, such as distraction. Therefore, the need for a space like a soundproof office booth has become more necessary in many offices that boast such open floor plans. A soundproof office booth or even a soundproof phone booth can help to reduce conversational distractions quite considerably – sometimes by as much has 51%, which is certainly nothing to brush off, to say the least. For many people, finding a soundproof office booth to work in can be hugely ideal for working on an in depth project.

And the soundproof office booth can be beneficial for a number of other reasons as well. For instance, work errors tend to drop by as much as 10% when such a soundproof office booth is utilized, due to the fact that the employee in question will be able to better concentrate on their task at hand. After all, the concentration of the typical employee will rise by an impressive 48% when the typical soundproof office booth is used – and levels of stress have even been shown to drop by as much as 27%, which can not only improve the overall performance of any given employee but can improve their overall quality of life and quality of work as well.

Aside from the soundproof office booth, a soundproof office phone booth can also be ideal, particularly for customer service workers at the company, those who are in direct contact with customers nearly every work day, if not every one of them at that. A phone booth office space can provide the ideal space to work, away from the commotion of the main working area – and having such a private phone booth for office can even improve the quality of customer interactions and relations.

After all, many customers will simply take their business elsewhere if they have a bad experience with customer service employees. In fact, this is the case for more than 30% of all customers here in the United States – even after just one single less than satisfactory experience. When a customer service employee is distracted by your typical open office environment, it’s not really a surprise that the quality of their work and their customer service engagement will be lacking, something that is likely to lead to a loss of customers, something that can cost each and every company quite a good deal of money on a yearly basis and something to be avoided as much as is possible.

Fortunately, your typical soundproof office booth or designated office phone booth can be used to prevent such things from happening. Customers can fully engage with the customer service employees that they are speaking with and vice versa, without the distractions that are commonplace in the typical office space. For many employees, working in such a soundproof office booth can even lead to a better work experience, even if they work there part time.

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