Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of Paper All Throughout The Working World Of The United States

Paper has long been a hugely important commodity here in the United States and in many other places all around the world. After all, we really do use paper for so many different things. For instance, paper is used for books and thank you cards and memos and for many more important documents. In fact, photos are even printed on many different types of paper, some glossy and some not.

In the workforce of the United States, paper products have been seen to be particularly prevalent. In fact, as many as four million sheets of paper will be used by the office workers of this country over the course of just one year. And this is far from a stagnant number, as the amount of paper used in the United States will increase by as much as 22% for each and every year that passes us by. This means that for every office worker in the country, as many as 10,000 sheets of paper will be somehow used each and every year.

After all, paper filing systems are still quite popular and commonplace, even as more and more companies switch to digital methods of document storage. But though paper filing systems can be a great way to keep important documents on hand at all times, they do end up contributing to more paper use. This is due to the fact that papers – sometimes even quite important paper – are lost and misplaced on a regular basis in most office spaces here in the United States.

This is backed up by the data that has been gathered on the subject, data that shows that up to 15% of all documents (paper documents, that is) end up being misplaced, though they will be found eventually – though not always before an additional copy has been made as a replacement. In addition to this, data shows that more than 7% end up being lost completely and must be replaced as the missing document will never be found. With such a high number of misplaced and lost documents throughout the country, there’s no doubt about it that a considerably higher amount of paper must ultimately be utilized.

Fortunately, however, this is not as environmentally damaging as some people might think, due to the ample access to paper recycling services all throughout the country and in most work and personal spaces alike. In fact, more and more paper is being made from recycled materials than ever before. Currently, more than 67% of all paper products are able to recovered and now one third of new sheets of paper produced and distributed will be made from recycled fibers of some sort. In the years that are to come, this percentage is only likely to continue to grow, both here in the United States as well as in many other places all throughout the world.

And there are many types of paper that can be purchased from cardstock wholesale to shimmer paper to even bulk envelopes, ideal for many an office space all throughout the country. Cardstock wholesale paper can be ideal for a number of uses, as cardstock wholesale paper is often of a very high quality and, as is the nature of cardstock wholesale paper, quite durable indeed. Cardstock wholesale paper can also come in many varieties too, from shimmer cardstock wholesale paper to cardstock wholesale paper that is even ideal for the printing of photos.

Aside from cardstock wholesale paper, the use of wholesale envelopes from a wholesale envelopes supplier is likely to be ideal for many a business as well. Envelopes can be used for many different types of correspondence, especially for more formal ones. Though the use of email has been a game changer in how companies communicate with one another as well as with their client base, sending some things out by mail can still be largely desirable for a number of different reasons. Therefore, buying envelopes from a wholesale supplier (as well as various other types of paper, as will likely be the case) can be cost effective.

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