Clothing Donations to Charity and Non-Profit Groups

So many groups in our nation make an incredible effort to collect donations for so many families and individuals in need. Several non-profits and charities work for the benefit of veterans upon their return to the United States after serving our nation abroad, with the collection of clothing, shoes, furniture, outerwear, home decor, and all other needs to help every veteran and their family with a fresh start.

Groups that Collect Clothing Donations for Veterans

So many charities across our country collect clothing and other items for veterans and their families, taking drop-off donations and picking them up from donors homes as well. Some of these groups are for disabled veterans, green charities, purple heart veterans, wounded veterans, families of veterans, and many more. For the luck of all of these warriors and their families, so many non profit organizations and charities work to gather donations of clothing, household items and much more for those families who battle the loss of a veteran to war, or veterans who are unable to work in the everyday world because of the wounds and disabilities they acquired while fighting for our nation.

Used Clothing Donations for Veterans

It’s amazing to believe that Americans donate over 4.5 billion tons of clothing annually, while there are still well over 10 million tons of clothing disposed into landfills each year. That means that so much more could be done with all of that waste buried in the ground. While the cloth could be used to re-manufacture other items, the clothing could simply be re-distributed, sold in an affordable manner, and much more for those in need. Whether they are the jobs for veterans or donated directly for use by veterans and their families, there is much more that can be done with this than simply dropping it into the garbage dump.

Additionally, with the amount of clothing purchased today, over twice as much per person than two decades ago, there is likely so much more clothing out there available to be donated to those in need. With all of the charities and non-profit organizations willing to make home pickups of these household donations, there is no reason why unworn clothing should sit, gathering dust in a closet in your home. A simple online search can find the groups closest to you that accept clothing donations for veterans and others in need, while also scheduling donation pickups or drop-offs.

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