5 Small Retail Adjustments Meant To Drive Sales

If you’re a business owner or have been hired in as a manager, you know it’s your job and duty to drive sales as much as possible. With more and more retail moving online, that’s harder today than it used to be. There are things you can do to help, however!

We’ve compiled a short list of ideas that are meant to help you brainstorm and come up with even more ideas for your business. These short entries are the initial building blocks. Hopefully, you pick up with our ideas and run with them. Without further ado, here’s our list.

1. Price Tags

We don’t mean the little annoying stickers, either. If you’re selling large ticket items, or you have a particularly exciting sale running, don’t be afraid to go big and bright to advertise. Huge, neon price tags are available for a cheap price, and there’s no better way to let customers browsing know the price of an item. These tags jump out, and make the price seem like a big deal. Haven’t you ever wanted to feel like you’re on a TV game show?!

2. More Signage

Inside, outside, on top! You want as much signage around as possible to drive sales. Use metal sign stands, plastic sign holders and more to make custom retail displays for your customers. Use metal sign stands to give out information that might not be easily apparent, such as sale lengths and things like that. More than 15% of all unplanned purchases were influenced by product displays or signage, so don’t be afraid to break out the metal sign stands from the back and use them!

3. Brochures and Flyers

Depending on your business, word of mouth might be a big driving force for sales. If this is the case, or you think it could be, try investing in some brochures or flyers for customers to take. Set up a flyer stand with a ton of small ads for your business. If you have any great deals or something that makes you stand out, advertise it! Encourage customers to spread the word, and you’ll see the benefits.

4. Window Decals

These bright, shining displays can easily draw customers in from the outside. Especially if your business is in a well-traveled area, these in-store displays can do wonders for bringing in new and returning customers. Again, this is great place to advertise any notable sales or deals your store currently has. Remember, keep it bright and attractive to increase your chances of drawing folks in!

5. Smaller Signage

If you work in a grocery store or somewhere that sells many smaller items, it may be worth time investing into some smaller signage for your product. A grocery store, for example, might be interested in small deli meat signs to advertise the pricing for their various available meats. It’s small touches like these that let customers know that you care about your business, and that’s what will bring many customers back/

So there’s our list of ideas. Did you like any of them? Help kickstart your creative brain? Share your thoughts or any other merchandising ideas you might have down below in the comments! Thanks, and have a good one!

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