Attract More Customers and Increase Sales With Eye-Catching Displays and Signage

On a daily basis, consumers are exposed to thousands of ads and promotional messages. The average person, for instance, will be exposed to about 3,000 of these. When you consider that approximately 30,000 SKUs are launched every year per data from 2014, this is not surprising. Whether these ads and promotional messages are communicated via television, radio, print publications, or online, consumers will usually make most of their purchase decisions while in a store. This is just one of the many reasons why having effective displays and signs is so vital for a business’ success.

The Impact of Product Displays on Unplanned Purchases

A 2014 Mass Merchant Study examined the relationship between unplanned purchases and effective displays. The results showed that 16% of purchases were made due to these displays catching the eyes of shoppers. When effective displays promote a competitor’s rather than their usual brand, shoppers tend to make their final decision within three to seven seconds. Recent data also indicates that between six and ten store purchases tend to be impulse buys.

Increase Sales on Full-Priced Merchandise With Effective Signage

It’s also important to note that full-priced merchandise may sell even better than discounted merchandise when it has a sign. The results of a study showed that signs do make a difference in this regard. Given this, the full-priced merchandise with clear signage performed 18% better than the full-priced merchandise without it.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

When people go shopping, they want to have a positive experience. While each shopper may define this differently, there will usually be some overlap. A 2011 report, for example, revealed that 86% of shoppers would actually pay more for merchandise when they have an enhanced shopping experience.

Learn More About Creative Retail Display Ideas

Whether you own and operate a large supermarket or a small grocery store, having metal display signs and other types of signage is vital for business. Furthermore, when you have strategically placed metal display signs, it can also enhance your customers’ experience. Once you become more familiar with the large variety of display signs, such as metal display signs, clear price tag sleeves, and other essential products, there’s an excellent chance that you will know right where to place them for maximum effect.

When you speak with a representative, they will also be able to provide you with additional ideas, which may include adding custom retail sign holders to your store. Since shoppers will make 82% of their purchase decisions when they’re actually in your store, you will likely increase your sales when you provide them with an excellent customer experience.

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