5 Items That Many People Forget Charities Need

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One of the most popular items that people donate to charity is clothing. Statistics show that the average person in the United States purchases twice as many articles of clothing as two decades ago. In fact, you might have heard to donate clothes to a charity that you haven’t worn in six months. While shirt, pant, and dress donations are immensely important to a charity, you might be surprised to find that these organizations could benefit from receiving other types of items. Considering that, here are five items to consider giving away while preparing Purple Heart charity pick up donations.

  • New Socks

    Statistics show that people in the United States recycle only about 15% of their overall wardrobe of used clothing. With that in mind, it’s quite likely that you have pairs of socks that might still be in the original packaging. The sock is an article of clothing that often gets forgotten about while preparing pick up clothing donations. Purchasing a few packs of new socks to place into your donation boxes or bags will definitely help those in need.
  • Feminine Hygiene Products

    While this is a bit of a sensitive topic, women who are homeless can find it difficult to gain access to hygiene products. Therefore, donating a few boxes of these items helps ensure shelters remain fully stocked. These items are costs that can’t be avoided, meaning that your donations of these products often help shelters immensely.
  • Toilet Paper

    Many people know how fast a household can run out of toilet paper. With that in mind, many people purchase items in bulk to save money. Considering that, you might find that you’ve simply stocked up on too much toilet paper. While you might not immediately think to give this item away while preparing donations, it’s something that almost any charity can use a continual supply of.
  • Dental Items

    Unfortunately, many of those who are living through tough times are unable to have access to insurance. Considering that, it’s important that those in need are able to have the necessary materials needed to keep their teeth clean. While looking for household donations, check to see if you have any unopened toothbrushes or containers of toothpaste lying around.
  • School Supplies

    You’ve probably seen banners around your town that feature information about how to donate school supplies before class begins. While these programs help ensure that many shelters are adequately stocked, school supplies can begin to run low as the year continues. With that in mind, many parents, often end up purchasing too many school supplies that end up stored in closets. Items including notebooks, pencils, and folders can go a long way to ensure that a shelter remains stocked with supplies for children throughout the year.

In conclusion, there are several items that many charities will accept that might have never considered donating. Best of all, many of these items are lightweight. This means that a Purple Heart charity pick up team won’t have a difficult time worrying about moving heavier items. In addition, these products aren’t fragile which makes it easier for a Purple Heart charity pick up workers during the transportation process.

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