Two Key Facts On Induction Furnace Manufacturers

Across the United States, steel is definitely one of the most important materials used for construction and so many other important industries. However, steel is not something produced in a large quantity by Americans. Now, induction furnace manufacturers are trying to produce a great number of furnaces that can handle steel properly. Here are all of the facts on steel melting, induction heating coil replacement parts, and more.

Steel Is Not An Easy Material To Work With

In 2017, world crude steel production reached a total of 1.69 billion tonnes, a 3% increase from 2016. So steel is a really popular and important type of material across the globe, not just in the United States. However, steel is a really difficult material to work with for many different reasons. One of these reasons deals with the melting point of steel.

The melting point of a material is the temperature at which the solid will eventually melt away. Steel has a really high melting point which is what makes this so difficult. The melting point of steel is 1370 degrees Celsius, which is the equivalent to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it takes the work of induction furnace manufacturers to produce a furnace strong enough to help melt this material.

The frequencies used in induction melting can vary between 50 cycles per second, which is known as mains frequency, and 10,000 cycles per second, which is considered a high frequency. As a result, it is important to note that appliances created by induction furnace manufacturers can be somewhat dangerous. This is why people who work with a melting furnace of this nature must be professionals with a high level of expertise!

Steel Is One Of the Most Important Materials In America

There is no doubt that steel is used in America for so many different industries. All of the data supports this claim based on real statistics gathered by government officials. However, right now, America is really far behind on producing steel which is something that surely needs to change. The United States is the world’s number one importer of steel. In 2017, the country imported up to $27 billion worth of steel.

According to Oxford Economics, a total of 88% of Canada’s steel exports went to the United States in 2016. Almost 17% of imported steel into the United States comes from Canada. America needs to focus in on not just using induction furnace manufacturers but producing steel at a high-rate so that we do not need to import from other countries. this could really help out the economy in general.

A recent study has revealed that 16% of the world’s steel is used for mechanical equipment such as for manufacturing or robotics. This is rather impressive and just begins to highlight just how important steel is to so many different industries. After all, there are plenty of daily items that you use that contain a high amount of steel.

Approximately 13% of the world’s steel is used in the automotive industry. This includes cars of all shapes, sizes, and brands that utilize steel for the physical construction of their cars. Speaking of construction, up to 50% of the world’s steel is used for buildings and infrastructure. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand just how important this material is for anyone and everyone!

Closing Words On Induction Furnace Manufacturers

Every single year, there are more and more industries that utilize steel. As robotics and the automotive industry continue to grow, so will the demand for steel in the United States! Therefore, it is imperative that induction furnace manufacturers and steel production factories continue to put in all of the hard work. That way, Americans can utilize products with high-quality, American made steel!

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