6 Awesome Ways to Use Stone Slabs

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People have been building and decorating with natural stone slabs for thousands of years. There is evidence that early Egypt and cultures of the Mesopotamian region were using marble in their art and architecture. Mesopotamian and Indian architecture used ceramic slabs made from clay as far back as 14,000 BC. Engineered stone is some of the most durable, beautiful, and versatile architectural stone available. If you’re thinking about remodeling a home or business property, here are six awesome ways to use natural stone slabs.

  • Try natural stone slabs for gorgeous wall cladding. Stone cladding on the walls looks natural, feels indulgent, and is easy to maintain. It will look lovely long after painted walls are looking scuffed and chipped, and wallpaper is starting to peel.
  • Make your fireplace or hearth look natural and inviting. Brick fireplaces are serviceable, but natural stone slabs on a hearth add appealing texture and beauty. They make the whole area look classy and just a step up and above.
  • Nothing looks more natural in the garden or as a hardscape element. Using natural stone slabs for pathways, water fixtures, benches, flower boxes, walls, or even for sculptures takes a garden from simple to elegant. Their natural look compliments flowers, shrubbery, and trees. They can be the showcase of your landscape design, or blend in an enhance softscape elements.
  • Turn a bathroom into a stone bath. If you like to take a long soak at the end of the day to wash away the stress, natural stone slabs in the bathroom add luxury and aesthetics, while also providing durable surfaces that are easy to maintain. Natural stone is versatile enough that you’re sure to find a style and color that suits your decor.
  • Make your kitchen a joy to work in. Marble kitchen counters can last for a lifetime. Unlike other materials, this natural material will not fade, peel, warp, or easily crack. Marble flooring in the kitchen makes cleanup a breeze, and a marble floor has a 100-year lifespan. Redoing the kitchen is also one of the home projects that brings the highest return on investment for homeowners.

Natural stone is so versatile, affordable, durable, and elegant that it’s easy to see why people have been using it for thousands of years. The possibilities for natural stone slabs are nearly endless, so there’s no reason not to find out where you can source natural stone for sale and start creating!

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