The Benefits Of Triple Net Property Investment

Triple net lease depreciation

Triplet net property benefits are many, but it’s important to know exactly how a triple net property works before you can fully benefit from all of the triplet net property benefits available. First of all, a triple net lease for a triple net property is a lease agreement. In a triple net lease, the person who leases the property agrees to pay for three key things: maintenance, building insurance, and, finally, real estate taxes.

Many of the triple net property benefits are ideal for investors, but in order to invest in triple net properties, an investor must not only be accredited, but must also have a net worth of at least one million dollars, if not more. If not a net worth that high, they must have a regular salary of at least $200,000 a year. With investment becoming more and more popular (investment in commercial real estate in the United States alone surged by more than 80% in 2015 alone), triplet net property benefits will become more and more appealing.

Commercial property investments are becoming more and more popular among the American people, and more and more people are becoming interested in investing, as is evidenced by the growth in investments in 2015. This is in part because commercial property is becoming more common and more valuable than ever. This can be seen particularly in the case of hotels, of which spending increased by nearly 60% in recent years. An increase in spending has been seen on the construction of office buildings as well, another lucrative commercial property investment, one where triple net property benefits could certainly pay off. In 2016 alone, nearly seventy five billion dollars were spent on the construction of commercial property buildings in the United States. This increase in commercial property has led to the subsequent interest in investments, and around 55% of all millennials in the United States have shown an interest in property investment and, perhaps, the advantages of triple net investments.

Triplet net property benefits can be vast, but it’s important for an experienced investor to take them on. In order to truly benefit from triplet net property investments, an investor must be skilled and must have a proven track record, accredited and worth at least one million dollars or at least a salary of $200,000 a year.

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