Spring Cleaning Is Coming! Remember to Donate Your Clothing!

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Winter may be here for a bit longer, but spring is around the corner! We love spring for the colors and weather that it brings, but also because for many of us it is a jumpstart for spring cleaning. Nothing feels better than purging from cabinets and closets to make a more organized and clean home. To add an element of kindness and community to this years spring cleaning, consider donating your used clothing and home goods to a local organization that accepts charitable donations. Below are just a few examples of the people you’ll be helping:

Children – At most charity organizations you will find some type of childrens section that has everything from books and toys to clothing and strollers. These organizations know that as much as this is a benefit to the child, it is also helping the mothers and fathers that may not be able to provide as much as they want for their little ones. A used item from when your teenager was a toddler may be exactly what a young family is needing but does not have the money to purchase brand new. You never know who you are helping!

Veterans – Helping our military families and veterans is such an important part of what our nation stands for. Veterans fight for our safety and freedoms every single day, yet many of them struggle financially when they return home. There are many organizations that specifically take donations for veterans and charge them little or no money to purchase them, but if you aren’t sure about if that service exists in your area then any place that accepts clothing donations is a good place to start.

Struggling Neighbors – Americans send over 10 million tons of clothing to the landfills every single year, even though much of this clothing is absolutely fine to be worn again. Don’t be a part of that statistic in 2018; encourage your entire family to get involved and find clothing and household items that they are not using and could be given away to local charity foundations.

Whether you are looking to specifically give donations for veterans or children or if you just want to help those in your community who are struggling, donating your gently used clothes and household items is a great way to start. Don’t have much to give away? Use your social media platform to encourage others to donate. Studies show that 70 percent of social media will usually take some sort of action in response to a friend posting about making a charitable donation. remember, when you make donations for veterans, children, or anyone else to an organization you can write it off on your taxes. You may not have the money to donate to charities that you admire, but giving away things in your home that you are not using can make just as big of a difference for some.

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