Why Would a Company Outsource It’s Customer Training?

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The company American Express conducted a survey, and discovered a surprising fact: about 78% of those surveyed admitted to having aborted a transaction due to terrible customer service. This is alarming news for any business. Customer service is a vital part of a company, as it is often the only true measure a customer measures one company against a similar one. If customer service can make or break a transaction, the question must be asked: is outsourcing training a good choice?

Here’s Why Choosing to Outsource Customer Service Training May Be the Best Bet For a Business.

There are a few reasons why a company may choose outsourcing, to bring in someone from the outside to help develop a good training program. Some leaders may feel uncomfortable admitting that they are unsure how to train their employees well. A customer service outsourcing company could be the smart choice, as it would fulfill a need that trumps any qualms a manager may have to prioritize the customers themselves.

How to Greet Customers: It’s More Than Saying “Hello.”

Engaging customers effectively is one of the basic building blocks of customer service. If a customer feels that the representative does not want to talk to them, they’ll want to go elsewhere. Bad service causes an average 44% of customers to go elsewhere. About 42% of that number felt that the staff was rude to them, while 32% was tired of being sent to multiple staff to resolve the problem and 25% were dissatisfied with the time they spent on hold.

Do you know how to connect with customers quickly? The company’s training manager may or may not have written the policy on customer service, but the question must be asked: how effective is the training?

How to Find Out What Customers Really Think of a Company.

Too many companies rely on old training methods. Perhaps even worse, many companies are unaware of the success of their customer service. Surveys are a positive, proactive way to find out how customers feel about the service a company offers. The negative, reactive way to find out opinions is of course through complaints made. These are helpfully spread across the internet through a simple browser search.

Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing training for customer service representatives can save a company trouble down the line. While companies would prefer to believe the customer service department is exemplary, all too often the truth is that the training program is outdated and the employees are unmotivated. It is actually a sign of wisdom to bring in an experienced consultant whose entire job revolves around meeting a customer’s needs. This method also allows the company to focus on other internal issues without sacrificing the customer relations.

Many businesses are focused on growth. Even service-orientated companies frequently fall short on reimagining the training for customer service representatives. It can be difficult for anyone to admit that they could use some help, and that goes doubly so for a company. But a company cannot grow if customers are not loyal. Treat the customer right, and growth takes care of itself.

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