Why Shipping Containers Are Becoming The Ideal On-The-Go Office For Businesses

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When a new project rises to your attention and you need to cultivate an economical and efficient space for your employees to work, industrial shipping crates are the way to go. Repurposed from their original function, these are one of the most flexible ways of creating on-the-go offices and modular housing. Shipping container solutions allow companies a proper balance between a tight schedule and eco-friendly design output. Should you be needing some superior options to support a construction site or new job site, look below for the top five reasons to invest in industrial shipping crates.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the best traits industrial shipping crates can offer both your business and the world at large is its positive impact on the environment. It’s through reusing shipping crates can you save on essential materials, reducing strain on steel and manufacturing industries and saving money year-round. Reusing a single 40′ container will save 3,500 kg of steel as well as the 8,000 kWh that would be needed to melt it back down. An eco-friendly model means good news for both recycling materials and holding up to harsh weather.

Incredibly Durable

Shipping crates are designed to last. A single shipping container can last for over 20 years as long as you take good care of them with new coats of paint and a little maintenance. Not only are they long-lasting, they can stand up to the elements with little to nothing to show for it. Shipping containers, be they a single unit or multiple connected nits, are able to hold strong against even 100 MPH winds when rooted on foundation. When anchored with pylons, they can remain solid against winds reaching 175 MPH.

Endlessly Flexible

There are many ways to stack, combine and manipulate your industrial shipping crates to create the ultimate office space. Container structures are inherently mobile, able to be brought nearly anywhere and easy to customize for a plethora of different purposes. They can be decorated, repainted, filled with useful amenities and cleaned out just as easily all over again. Studies have estimated around 24 million empty and retired shipping containers all over the planet, just waiting to be used after a 10 to 15 year lifespan.

Quick Set-Up

You won’t have to worry about wasting time. Industrial shipping crates can be set up quickly and efficiently for as long as you need, then cleaned up and put away until you need to use them again. Building a housing structure out of a shipping container takes anywhere from two to three weeks. Compare this to traditional brick and mortar, which can reach an upward of six months at a time. Some modular shipping crate designs can be built in a factor in as little as one to two weeks, depending on the need of your job site, and each container is a truly eco-green structure with fully recyclable steel materials.

Using Your Industrial Shipping Crates

Repurposed shipping containers are one of the most environmentally and economically sustainable ways of running construction and job sites. Their hardy design means they can withstand wind, rain and hail with little problem and their quick set-up is perfect for businesses on a tight schedule. Produced in one-fifth of the time at half the cost, manufactured housing assembled in a controlled environment will be less wasteful with materials without sacrificing an inch of quality. Save time and money both — consider a shipping container office for your business’ next step forward.

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