Benefits of Using Modular Buildings

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Portable buildings are quickly becoming the most popular space solution for many businesses. However, churches and schools are also realizing that space is a growing concern for their needs. There are many reasons that a location can benefit from using portable buildings. Recent research was done concerning the reason that schools use portable buildings. The results showed that 35 percent of participants preferred the speed of delivery, 26 percent used modular buildings due to shifting enrollment needs and 25 percent preferred how inexpensive portable buildings were. Here are four benefits of using modular buildings at your location.

  1. Built Quick: One concern of any business is having work done quickly and correctly. A big advantage of modular buildings is that they can be constructed fast. In addition, these buildings can be quickly shipped out to your location. Churches, schools, and businesses can all benefit from receiving quick solutions for their storage needs. The needs of your project are something that a modular building business can help you achieve. Delivery times for portable buildings will vary depending upon your specific needs. However, most modular buildings only take about 12 weeks to build and deliver. The quick speed at which your portable building will arrive from the time you placed the initial order is astounding.
  2. Safe: Your safety is the top concern of a portable building company. A modular building is always going to be a safe choice for your location. These buildings are sturdy and designed to withstand a growing number of needs you might have. However, modular buildings can be designed to withstand extreme winds, up to 175 mph. Being concerned with winds is an important concern, especially in states that are prone to tornadoes. You can rest assured knowing that your portable building will be built to take on windy conditions with ease. Modern portable buildings are extremely safe and able to withstand stormy conditions. You won’t have to worry that because a building is portable it isn’t a safe one. Portable buildings can withstand rain, snow, and icy conditions with ease.
  3. Fewer Costs: One location where cost-cutting is extremely important is within schools. There are always stories of local area school having to face budget cuts. Entire programs can be cut from a school in the wake of budget cuts. One area where schools can cut major costs is with the use of school portables. It is common for many schools to use portable buildings, amid growing space needs. Research shows that 99 percent of schools use portable buildings, while a good margin of schools, at 31 percent, used portable buildings. The costs saved by using portable buildings might even allow your school to add new programs and classes. A portable classroom was found to, on average, cost between 36-77 percent less than a classroom addition that would be built on site.
  4. Less Hassle than Site Built Projects: You’ve learned that constructions costs are often far less with portable buildings. However, another burden of having on site construction done is that it creates other hassles. On site construction will mean that additional workers, equipment, and noise will all be at your location. Businesses will struggle to meet productivity needs with loud construction going on. On site construction can also be very disturbing for students trying to learn at a school. Also, a church will face difficulties trying to have a place of worship with noisy construction occurring. No business owners wants to have frustrated employees or guests that could have been prevented.

In closing, there are many benefits associated with using portable buildings. The speed at which modular buildings can be both built and delivered is astonishing. It would be extremely rare to find an on site construction provider that could provide such a quick turnaround time. Safety is an important concern of modular building construction which the industry take very seriously. There are currently buildings constructed that can withstand winds far exceeding 100mph. The savings provided by modular buildings, when compared to on site construction are great perks for businesses. Lastly, many places prefer portable buildings because they are a less-invasive construction choice when compared to noisy on site construction.

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