How Secure Shredding Services are Helping to Save the Planet

Secure document storage

Your confidential information is just that: private. And it should be secure. Many people have had concerns lately with systems being switched over to be handled digitally, news of hacks and leaks, and the majority of the public not quite really knowing what exactly the cloud is. But the fact of the matter is, systems change, and improve. It is all a part of progress, and on top of that, there are the same risks of sensitive data being compromised when dealing with hard copies as there are with digital versions, if not in some cases more risks.

Even as more and more businesses, companies, and organizations shift to digital systems and online networks in order to keep up with the ever-evolving technology that continues to push us further into the future, a vast majority of systems still use paper. So the same question plagues us still: how do we keep this information protected?

Document storage companies and secure shredding services

Sure, many motives boil down to money. Humans have had an obsession with wealth ever since bartering and class systems came into play. But especially in today’s day and age, information equates power and immense value. So it is no surprise that there are now companies that specialize particularly on secure document storage and secure shredding services. The right company will be able to properly handle any secure data that you may need taken care of.

You may need extra storage to allow for more space in the office, in which case the secure offsite storage can provide the peace of mind you need. Or, if the documents are no longer needed but still must be protected from falling into the wrong hands, the secure shredding service would be exactly what you are looking for. And it does not stop with just documents. You will also be able to trust the right company to take care of hard drive destruction as well, once the drive has served its purpose.

Protecting more than just the person

Offsite storage and document shredding services protect privacy first and foremost. In fact less than 10% of all cases of identity theft fall into the online category, so there is much to be wary of when your data consists of hard copy. As you can imagine, the space that is freed up by moving all those boxes, filing cabinets, or shelves full of paper out of the office can allow for better use of that space, in addition to significantly reducing the risk of a fire.

But even bigger than those reasons is the big picture of it all: our planet, the home that we all share. And if we’re being completely honest, we would have to admit that we haven’t exactly taken great care of it up to this point. But that can change, and it is changing. People are starting to wake up to the fact that we must start changing our habits if we would prefer our species to make it much longer.

The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that about 80% of paper mills across the country are designed to specifically use paper that is collected from recycling and shredding programs. The EPA has also stated that recycling, as opposed to making brand new paper, leads to a drop in water pollution by 35%, as well as 74% less air pollution. These are very valid reasons to use a secure document shredder that recycles the contents afterwards, ensuring your privacy and saving the planet.

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