Consider Installing a Residential LiftFor the Quality of Your Life

Residential lifts

Elevators will never go out of style. They are built into all types of buildings, whether commercial, residential, or retail, with an average of four to five floors and more.

An elevator is considered to be vertical transportation that is used to bring people up and down between the floors of a building or other type of construction. It is typically run by motor and cables or by a hoist or a jack. In businesses such as construction and farming, an elevator is used to lift goods from one level to another, rather than having to carry heavy loads up and down stairs. In their start, elevators were a two man job. Soon after, however, buttons were installed which made their functioning much easier for those riding in them. Elevators, in some countries, are also referred to as lifts. In recent years, with the establishing of wheelchair access laws, it is now a requirement for many residential and commercial buildings to install elevators, since the use of wheelchair ramps is illogical for going up and down multiple floors.

There are five basic types of elevators. These are passenger elevators, freight elevators, elevators for use by business personnel, LULA elevators for low rise buildings, and home lifts. Because of the increasing uses of modern technology, many homeowners are now able to consider installing residential lifts in their homes for the comfort and assistance of family members who may not be able to use the stairs. When deciding to install residential lifts, the first step would be for the homeowner to consult a residential elevator installation company to find out what would be involved in the building of a lift system in their home. A local elevator company will be able to give the customer an explanation of the expenses, in addition to the safety laws and regulations. Statistics show that each year there are more than 10,000 residential elevators installed in homes around the country.

Because the porches of many houses require a walk up the stairs, many people will consider installing residential lifts leading to the porch in order to make that walk easier for those who may find it challenging. Even a step or two can be a major obstacle for someone using a wheelchair, a scooter, or someone who walks with the assistance of crutches or a walker. The installation of a residential elevator will come with different requirements in different locations. In some situations installation can be done as a DIY project by the homeowner. However, if funding for the installation is being provided by an outside organization, there may be restrictions regarding who is authorized to do the installation.

Residential developments that might consider installing residential lifts will typically investigate the laws and safety regulations involved before beginning installation. Contacting a residential elevator service will normally enable the owner or manager of the development to access all technical and safety information that is necessary. These companies will generally provide quotes, all required specifications, and generic drawings. Computers make the availability of this information quick and easy. After the initial information is put down, the elevator company will design drawings and diagrams specific to what the customer needs. Typically, these will be ready within about a week. The best way to go is to engage an elevator company that supplies all their own parts. Therefore, in the case of a breakdown in the future, the company will be equipped to make the needed repairs quickly, without having to wait for parts to be delivered.

These days, elevator companies are able to supply both commercial and residential customers with a wide variety of different styles of elevators and lifts. Colors and styles are readily available that will blend in with the decor of the elevator’s surroundings. In addition to providing models that are attractive, residential elevator and lift companies are also equipped with the most up to date technology in order to provide a smooth, quiet, and safe ride. There are models available that will fit every budget and every need, and all elevators and lifts will usually come with some type of warranty on parts.

It is always helpful to consider installing residential lifts when looking to improve quality of life.

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