Four Things to Look for in a Commercial Printing and Mailing Service


Are you looking for commercial printing and mailing services? Getting payment for the service you provide is obviously the bread and butter of your operations, and
the invoice printing and mailing services you use are a critical piece in getting your bread and butter to continue operations. Since your entire company’s success relies on your invoice printing and mailing services, it is no leap in logic that you need to take particular care while selecting the best company of the job. In order to do that, pay attention to our list of suggestions for selecting printing and mailing services.

Four Things to Look for in a Commercial Printing and Mailing Service

  1. Look for a company who will find that sweet spot between cost and quality.

    Your mailers represent your business. The timeliness, accuracy, and quality of the paper and printing services you use do have an impact on the impression you leave your clients with, however it’s just not practical to print your statements on fine linen paper with raised embossed ink. A good printing and mailing service understands this and makes it a priority to find that balance between cost and quality to deliver the best service to you, at the ideal cost.

    While looking for printing and mailing services, pay attention to the providers who offer to perform a cost-analysis for you of your current process. This service would analyze how you could save money with the processing and postage process you already have, and identify ways to save you mula, without compromising quality.
  2. You want to know that your printing and mailing company is accountable for the compliance and accuracy of your statements.

    Depending on the industry you are in, you might have substantial regulatory requirements. Sectors such as medical services, insurance providers, education, and utilities don’t just answer to their customers. If there was an error on a statement, or the statement was sent out outside of the acceptable time frame, they could be subject to hefty fines from the regulatory commission that governs them… or worse.

    Even if you are not in a regulated industry, you know how essential it is to use a printing and mailing provider who makes it a priority to meet your printing needs with absolute accuracy. Ask the services you are considering for information about how they prevent mistakes in the process. Are their checks and rechecks to ensure accuracy? Is there a dedicated account representative who oversees your printing and mailing process and makes themselves personally accountable for its accuracy? Pay attention to this, to ensure the service you use has a vested interest in providing the best service to you.
  3. Take your branding into consideration while looking for a printing and mailing service.
    Your printing and mailing service might provide templates that your statements will use. If they do, it is important to make sure that the templates used to create your business templates is cohesive with the message of your brand. Even though your business statements are not marketing strategies on their own (or perhaps they are, if you include an marketing mailer with your statement, another service you want to ask your printing and mailing service about).

    A good printing service will work with you to create an invoice that is representative of the narrative you what your business to carry.

  4. Look for a one-stop-shop.

    What is the point of hiring a printing and mailing service if you have to do half the work each month? A good printing service should be able to take over your entire invoicing process for your. In addition to designing a statement template that is cohesive with your business message, you want to be able to securely transfer the data each billing cycle straight to the printing service, and the printer should be able to plug it into the template, print them, stuff the envelopes, add postage, and pop them in the mail for you.

    When you use an end-to-end printing and mailing service, you are able to hand them the data, and then sit back and collect the payments. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

Do you have any other tips or questions about shopping for a printing service? Please share in the comment section below!

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