Dlc Coating and Why You Should Care

Hard chrome replacements

DLC coating is short for the phrase diamond-like carbon coating. It is a nanocomposite coating and it displays a unique series of properties of natural diamond. Namely, low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance.

DLC coatings will typically have different structures and different properties that need a ratio of SP3(diamond) and SP2(carbon). Alternatively, other filters like silicon, hydrogen, and metal could be in the layer.

In power coatings, a dry powder is electrostatically applied to some kind of metal part. This metal part is then cured at approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. This curing under such heat produces a very consistent and pleasing appearance. For this type of metal coating, the durability, functionality, and appearance are hard to beat.

When it comes to metal coatings
, there are really only two different kinds. The first is an aluminum silicon that is hot-dipped and the hot-dipped metal coating of pure aluminum. Each one of these two options has its own unique and excellent functions for corrosion protection. The first kind of metal coating is extremely resistant to heat. It can resist a heat of 1250 degrees Fahrenheit. It also can reflect a heat of 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

High-temperature coatings basically come in two types. The first type of high-temperature dlc coating is a diffusion, or conversion, coating in which the mass that has been deposited is diffused with the substrate to form a kind of continuous gradation in the composition. The second type of high-temperature coating is an overlay coating. In an overlay coating, material is deposited at the surface of the substrate.

When it comes to dlc coating, there are, in the end, several characteristics that go along with the makeup of the coating. These characteristics include high hardness, low coefficient of friction, high corrosion resistance, great adhesion to substrate material, fretting resistance, adhesive wear resistance, self-lubrication in dry weather conditions, excellent release properties, and electrical insulation.

Whether it be hard coatings
, wear coatings or abrasion resistant coatings, it is important to find a company whose properties for dlc coating are up for the job for the long term. Some of these important properties being capable of achieving high thickness. Most dlc coating companies achieve a thickness of 1-2 micron, which is not what you need if you are looking for a coating that has an application against heavy abrasion or corrosion.

A non-line-of-sight PACVD technology will allow the best companies to put dlc coating in internal spaces and complicated shapes with very high accuracy. This is also done without manipulating the parts you are coating.

In addition, finding a company that can give you the capability of duplex coatings is a plus. Ion Plasma Nitriding and dlc can be combined into one cycle. This will give an excellent surface finish and will mirror that of a substrate.

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